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Jessica Dawn creampie 
Jessica Dawn is the new Ebony porn sensation.
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Jessica Dawn creampie big tits
Jessica Dawn creampie video - nice 1 minute clip (1)

Jessica Dawn big tits creampie
Jessica Dawn creampie video - nice 1 minute clip (2)

The Story: Jessica Dawn is another 21 year old aspiring model from New York City, that Tony has manage to find for the site. She has done plenty of bikini and topless modeling, usually involving cars and motorcycles, and recently decided that she want to take it further. She also told Tony that she wants to mainly work doing interracial scenes so that she can focus on more mainstream type of stuff. Anyways, we never say no to such eager girls especially when they want it bareback and a creamy finish.

When Tony asked how Jessica had heard about the sites, she said that there is talk in some circles about a website that has hot black girls getting some white cum and that the white guys that do it, like to eat dark cherries. Since Jessica loves to have oral sex performed on her, she was eager to have Tony dive in between her legs to sample Tony’s oral skills. From the video, it looks like Tony didn’t disappoint her.

Anyways, Tony plowed Jessica in many different ways, and all bareback too but after about an hour of seeing and enjoying her nice ass, Tony was unable to hold back any longer. Tony filled Jessica with his white seed which made her happy as she prefers when the sex ends “naturally”. We will have to wait and see if anything comes of this “natural” ending.

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